Thursday, October 06, 2005

nan desu ka?

Wow, forever and a day later, I actually get around to posting. I still need to: Call C, get a driver's license, and generally catch up with my life. Interesting, when you little to do, how much longer things seem to take to complete. Mom comes in less than a week, which is kind of exciting, though she get's all intense. hopefully she will be able to get some down time and just relax.

Working out. I am trying to change trainers, I kinda like the one I have now, but it's expensive and we don't have a very good working rapport. He's just kinda a flake and I'm so blase about him showing up, I half expect him not to show every other appointment. At least I get free training sessions out of it. His boss and I are on speaking terms, which is kind of interesting, since he always comes over like I'm going to make a big fuss. ME, make a big fuss. Can you imagine? I'm just."sure, whatever dude, I'm going to go do my thing. Make sure Trainer calls me." I dunno, I just like to be focused when I'm at the gym, talking gym stuff, working on form etc. I'm not there to discuss whether or not my trainer is going to show or how we can fix the situation. Free sessions are good enough for me, at this point.

Dropping body fat. I'm actually not having very much success dropping body fat %. Even with strategic cardio 4 times a week and a relatively focused diet, I'm not dropping the body fat I'd hoped. We will see next week when I get measurements done. Trainer keeps suggesting that he is impressed with some of the weight I can move around, maybe it's just a matter of focus, on BOTH our parts... I'd taking getting an inch here or there (particuarly in the arms) to losing body fat. We'll see. I'll probably post stats next week.

And that's about it. I'm still in massage therapy for my shoulder, I broke growth plate when I was younger and injured it during rugby. I'm trying to strengthen it now. On the career tip, not much going on. Trying to wade through what I can do next, and may be consider going to do classes as the Cooper institute (Training, and sports therapy) or Massage therapy. I'm good at memorizing stuff so why not right?


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