Sunday, October 09, 2005

Driver's License

So my MD license expired a while ago and I never really got back to renew it given that I moved to Texas and am not really planning on associating with MD again if I can help it. I need to get it done, and it is just crazy what these guys ask of you when you do this stuff.

1) Prove who you are.
2) No, really, DO IT, we dare you. And, oh, btw we have the last say in what proof really is.
3) You cannot prove your social security number through your income tax return(WTF) but you can do it with a certified University Transcript indicating applicant's full name and social security number.
4) I have to do written AND driving test again. It is unclear whether or not I need my own car to do this, since not everyone has a car, how exactly will that work out?

Luckily I DO have a car, but my sister will have to drive me there and wait, and wait, and wait, for me to do all the stupid tests on monday and get it done.

Of course, I made the mistake of telling my mom who comes in on Tues and has made a point to call me at least once a day to remind me a) not to drive and b) to see if I got my license even though there is no way I could have in the time between calls.

I'm starved and about to go out to eat and maybe a movie. I need a date. Anyone know of any keepers in Dallas? Toddy? Any recommendations ala Thor?

Hope all is well out there :)


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