Sunday, October 23, 2005

NC, again, "the pit of DESPAIR"

anyone who got the title reference get's a cookie. Seriously. It's not obscure, but I've found that people have a hard time guessing this particular movie when you don't use the OBVIOUS quotes. Go ahead, try.

I won't go into the misery that is Eastern North Carolina. I will say that I haven't realyl slept in 3 weeks and it's getting to me. Besides that fact that I age about 5 years just by being in proximity of this area, the food here really gets to me. Oh well, I leave tomorrow. I didn't really think to post on my blog until today :( Sorry all. I could have posted 5 - 6 times :(

Here are some links of interests:

The NC Archive from last year

this was probably pre-most of your viewing my page. Though I think Simon and Grace were already around :)

Hope all is well with everyone else!


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