Friday, December 30, 2005

Getting it 'together'

I finally heard back from my bar admissions interviewer! apparently my former employers got on the ball and submitted everything, so my file is complete ... or so I thought.

The file WAS, in fact, complete. However, once completed, they run the date on it, which, of course, exceeded the 1 year limit on information collected. SO, I get to resubmit a good portion of it, including the more personal credit details etc. So much fun. Then, once everything is in, I get an interview.

SO, I get to pour over credit reports and make sure everything is in order, then I get to make an appointment with the interviewer. Good times, good times.

I am looking forward to getting this out of the way though, as it will probably mean admission to A BAR! w00t. Hopefully people will all meet up in Baltimore/DC to help me celebrate and we can all get tore down drunk.

I can fantasize at least right?


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