Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Belated

Happy Christanukka'anzafestivus

I think that conglomerates the major celebratory pasttimes recently passed or underway, acknowledging the mish-mash of cultures and somewhat categorical nature of the american writer. To spotlight the misunderstood, but often verbose and without indoor voices, American let's be honest, we are opinionated, crass and your very basic mongrels. If you truly know any American, you probably like them ... or you hate them, a WHOLE lot ... just remember we are, "more alike then we are different." My mentor in college told me that. She got it from her days at Duke Nursing School when she was in the psychiatric ward doing rotations.

I spoke with M from indiana today. She's doing well, getting ready to move into her house she bought just after thanksgiving. Her fiance will move in this coming fall since she didn't want to abandon her roommate. I felt bad after we spoke because I've been dwelling, almost nonstop, about job stuff. She caught me in the middle of a mental tirade so I had it on the brain. So she got a complete and total earful. M is always a good listener, but I shoulda been better because the conversation was decidely onesided.

I got some pretty cool stuff for xmas: 19" flatscreen monitor, MP3mobile phone, and a cool 'healty' cookbook that breaks down meals into their good-for-you's.

Is about all from me. I hope you are all safe and having wonderful holidays.

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