Thursday, January 05, 2006

Right ...

Being without work, as I am, a friend's brother, who I know fairly well, moved to dallas. He's taken a job in Terrel, Texas, about 40 miles from where I live. Geographically it is not far, but by clever funneling of the roads resembling organized chaos it is only 45 miles from my house. Wow, impressive, even for Dallas.

My harping about the distance has to do with the fact that I 'volunteered' to drive him to and from work for this first week (and possibly second). The conditions are as follows: 1) he pays gas, 2) he builds me a new 64 bit desktop including operating system and video card that can outswank the local techies -- at least for a week. Now, this is going okay, since it just started today, and he got a ride back home. However, I already see problems. For one thing, he is not sure how often he will need me to pick him up from work. This is bad because it is an hour out there, and I'd hate to have him just hanging out, or me trek out there and waste the gas for not. He's yet to call me, and it's 2100, and let me know when to pick him up tomorrow. This pisses me off b/c a) you should reasonably know when to you need to be in to work, particularly by 9pm and b) it's common courtesy to let me know.

In any event, I did get a call at or about 2133. We exchanged pleasantries and I finally had to be all,"dude, when do you want to get to work tomorrow." After a quick response the conversation was clearly over and we resolved the following uncomfortable silence in about 30 seconds. We are guys, afterall, so it didn't take us long to get off the phone once the business was done.

I need to set my alarm. I wonder if 545 is too early ...


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