Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Football, Giants Win

Anyone who is not on life support probably knows that the Patriots LOST the superbowl on Sunday, Feb 3, 2008. Go them ... Pats suck. I don't want you to think I'm supporting the Giants, because I'm not. I just am ecstatic that the Pats lost.

Plus the shot of Peyton Manning jumping up and down when his brother, Eli, threw the winning TD was priceless. Tom Brady doesn't have that connection ... then again, I guess it's pretty rare to have 2 in the family, same generation, who play in the NFL simultaneously. Still, I don't want to see Brady with the 4 superbowl wins since the first was questionable -- didn't arm pump *mumble mumble* My significant other at the time, J, would have had apoplexy had I been honest about my review of the supposed non-pass fumble. And thus I ramble. I'm just delaying leaving the office for advanced stats.

Have a good one all!


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