Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Would you drink wine from ...

Texas? Seriously, Texas is the 4th largest volume producer wines in the US, it's something like 12 billion gallons annually. Now, this is not GRAPE production, but actual wine production. One of my student's from last term is starting up his own vineyard after his sister bequeathed him an acre ... I was thinking, an acre isn't much, and it does not include the space for the vineyard. However, he seems confident that he will be able to create a decent specimen in 4 - 6 years o.O How amazing is that.

In addition to the total volume from state production, the total revenues in the industry were $1.2 BILLION, no, really! Thats pretty amazing, and a good chunk of it comes from tourism. I've lived in texas for many years, and I never thought the win industry was very big here ... apparently I was wrong.


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