Monday, January 30, 2006

adavis170: we need to go out again, so you can meet someone!
b3umd: I have white cards you have black
b3umd: thought it was fun
b3umd: yes
b3umd: or so you can introduce me
b3umd: you are more likely to date someone you are introduced to
adavis170: true. But most of my friends are people that where tracys friends. You would not want to date them.
b3umd: lol
b3umd: why tracy is sweet
adavis170: Thats one of the reason I have been going out. To meet friends of my own
adavis170: they ever are dating someone or are bigger.
b3umd: ?
b3umd: *watches aaron try to be pc*
adavis170: lol
adavis170: hummm
adavis170: just dont think he would be your type
adavis170: :-)
b3umd: seriously should just walk up to random people and be like dude you want to go on a date
adavis170: lol
adavis170: cant hurt
b3umd: ha you think it would work?
adavis170: could
adavis170: you are cute. you should nbot have a problem
b3umd: lol that begs the eternal question ...
b3umd: Why am I so single?
adavis170: you said it yourself, you dont go out much.
adavis170: not that you have to go out to meet people
adavis170: but it is a good way to start

Conversation I had with a friend about my singleness ... mayhaps he's onto something ...


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