Friday, January 13, 2006

Old Habits

So, seeing as though when strapped for cash I always like to leech on others' monetary spending, I've decided to get my license and bartend in Texas.
Clearly the school and lawyering thing isn't working out for me, so this is a good way to get some money while leaving my days free to interview -- if they ever actually materialize.

I did get some interesting news. My professor from stockholm and I exchanged some very plesant emails yesterday. She did mention, in signing off, that a bunch of 'nervous students are reading your exam as the model exam from last year!' Um, did you READ my exam? I completely missed one question and half-assed another. In any event, is this something I can put on a resume ... lol seriously, I need as much help as I can get:
University of Stockholm School of Law
LL.M. International Commercial Arbitration Law
Thesis: Third party interests in Arbitrations concerning environmental issues
Studied the nuances of international commercial arbitration law, including treaty arbitration, national and international instruments, and the application of local arbitration laws. Examination used as a model exam for current students freaking out about the upcoming exam -- which they shouldn't since Sweden still allows omtenta, or freakishly-easy-retest, if you do poorly or flunk the first time around.
Perhaps that's a bit much?

Good times, good times.


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