Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It could be worse ...

I have heard several things about my blog recently:

1) You don't post

2) I can't remember the address

3) You have a blog?

4) How long has it been since you posted?

Interestingly, it didn't prompt me to post until tonight. Appologies for not posting sooner.

I am still, not surprisingly, unemployed, and looking for a job. I thought I had 'the job' lined up, but it turns out that my resume 'fell through the cracks' much to the dismay of an ever diligent and persistent B and C. I applied for said job 3 times (yes, the same job. yes, the same 10 page application. yes, the same internal reference, C. yes, the same manager at HR that I called, emailed my resume directly, and called again). Perhaps it was not meant to be. Unfortunately, I think I will either have to stop eating or go into some sort of deviant prostitution ... probably the latter since I've always had a thing for food, and you can probably combine eating with anything ... That's right, I said it. I'm sure that C is dying reading this.

Mom is still here recooping. R is still working through her stuff. I'm the one kind of in limbo right now. I really miss learning ... alot! No shock there, but it's good to know that I really do miss it.

I guess it could be worse though ... I could be that unfortunate kid from Ultraviolet. I could be sick. I could be alot of things. What I probably couldn't be is any more bored ...


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