Thursday, October 19, 2006

Scariness that is TAships

So, if you cannot recognize from the title, I am back in school. HOORAH. um, or not. Depends on how you look at it. However, they are paying me to go to school this time ... almost as good as going to school for free, but there are always hidden charges they catch you with. One of the requirements is that I do a TAship, or Teaching Assistantship. Uber, so I get to teach right?

Not so much. I DO get to proctor exams, grade, make statistical reports, identify and throw 'bad' questions etc. I have to admit that I am SHOCKED at the institute's inability to apply a curve. Students either don't study, or don't care. I'm not sure which yet. I did have a student, out of my class of 146, that's right I said one hundred forty six, tell me that she deserved her last grade. I actually told her that I threw 6 questions on the last exam ... um... foot-in-mouth-in-need-of-surgery. I followed it up with we learned from the last exam and hopefully won't have to do that again on this one and scare students. Not exactly a redeemer, but it's better than, "oh yeh, I have no feelings and I want you all to FAIL FAIL FAIL!" It could have been worse.

I hope you are all well.

More to come


Monday, October 16, 2006

High Performance ... Tapons ...

Seriously, I know this is probably not the best thing to reopen this blog with, but I had to talk about it somewhere.

I asked my sister, Isabo, what the hell, 'High performance' meant when you are talking about tampons and her response, classic ... "You can do stuff like play soccer and not have it just fly out of there ..." She paused, "I guess it sounds like oil for a car ..."

Some interesting, and possibly related, links:

A digital Tampon holder with Flow calendar

Playtex Sport - High Performance

Just something different that totally caught me off guard. Did I mention that I saw this ad while watching cartoon network?

Anyways, I wanted to post even it was brief.


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