Thursday, July 21, 2005

that's right, I'm posting

So most of you are in a state of shock, if you even still come here to see if there is a posting. Alas, between trying to get back into the gym, moving, working on a tan, and getting addicted to an online RPG my sister has me playing I have very little time for blogging, much less the essentials like eating, sleeping and drinking enough water. That sentence now taunts me since I have two parallels ... what was I thinking? I'm out of practice.

What's been going on with me? Not much. I need to email the finn and the canadian. The finn has not emailed in a week :( Mayhaps he's busy with a new job. The Canadian has not emailed, likely because he lost the email, realized we are probably not going to see each other again, and/or realizing while he had a good time wtf was the two week fling of blatant pda's and time-spending with some random american with Paul Bunion-like facial hair ( I forgot my razor)

I'm trying to get back in touch with old friends. Apparently everyone is moving back to Dallas to be closer to family and their roots. One of my friends, Ba, from highschool, who I now cannot stand and have not spoken to in 3 years, moved back in July for her residency. The way things stand with her: I call every time I'm home, and leave a message, never hearing back from her I assume she's busy or just uninterested in hanging out. It's obligatory on my end since we WERE friends in highschool. She's a total bitch though, and I don't say that about many people, but she is. She knows it as well, and I'm not sure that makes it alright. In any event, I am going out with one of my friends who I've actually grown closer to since highschool. We are going for the texmex. She invited Ba, let's see if she shows, eh?

Hope all is well with you guys!


Friday, July 15, 2005

Alas, poor Yorick

Um, or not. So I had my final date with Al the canadian. I Will probably be passing along my blog information to him. I actually brought it up with him, and he wants to read snippets without the link to start :) It was a suitable compromise. I can send him the really juicy bits to start, then unpost this stuff once I pass on the legit link. I just feel strange having someone read about the stuff I've posted about them ... strange.

In any even we went to a tremendous little pizza place in the middle of a residential area. We had a really nice time, small tables, very intimate with ample leg touching and other PDA's of a somewhat subdued nature. It was very nice, we definitely had some trouble bringing up the end parts, but I focused on being really happy we'd both had time to get together so much (almost every night this week) and get to know each other better.

Montreal, for one, will be very happy to get rid of us. This due to the fact that the Public Displays of Affection will decrease dramatically. I have had more PDA this week than I probably have in my life time. Seriously. In particular, Montreal will rejoice, as there will be a severe drop in the male on male public displays. We actually had some people yell at us last night when we kissed goodbye. And by kiss I mean something akin to a liplock, with some appropriate-for-public-tongue. I'm the shorter of our duo, but I'm a bit more agressive in the kissing. Whatever, it was very nice :) Tonight's kiss was infront of the Sherbrooke Metro stop outside an apartment flying a pride flag. How appropriate, even more so that the occupant was out stripped to his waist watering his flowers. All in all an ideal departure.

Blar. I'm kinda bummed, but whatever. I'm off to dallas. Let's see if we can continue this hodge podge of successful dating among countries and continents. There was, to your disappointment I'm sure given your responses, a decided lack of throw down mad monkey sex. Sorry :(

Talk soon all, tomorrow is my last day in Montreal! w00t!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dilemma of the Blog

I've been in montreal what a week and a half? I've gone on 3 dates, two with the same guy. This is someone I'm particularly interested in, and will probably give my blog link, so I will end up taking this post down. I'm hoping he calls this evening and we can go out again. I stayed at his place over the weekend ... so I'm trying to keep from giving into the temption to have throw down passionate mad monkey sex. So this is the dilemma, do I tell the audience then erase the text ... probably yes.

In any event, you will probably want to know details, so they are as follows. He is younger, surprisingly, around 21. He's a college senior. I know I know, robbing the fecking craddle, get over yourselves. He's younger than my sister, and I really really don't want to think about it, but it has occured to me. He's french looking with some north american features keeping him from being so thin you'd lose him if he turned sideways. He's about 6'1, and a good kisser. He's incredibly laid back, and somewhat opinionated. He's canadian, what can I say. Surprisingly, he's intellectual, but comes across as a total burnout when he talks and stuff. Then he gets really really serious. It's cute.

I wish he could spend some time down in dallas, but I really really doubt that is going to happen, and montreal, no offense to canadians, is boring as all get out. I've gone out, I've done stuff, but DAMN is it hard to get around when you are on the wrong side of the mountain due to piss poor planning by your training program. Beeeches.


Sunday, July 10, 2005

See, I told you!

I figured I'd try this new image thing, and show you how hot it REALLY is in Montreal. Of all places I could go this summer without Air Conditioning, I did not think that Montreal would be the most uncomfortable. It is, clearly, currently between 32 - 33C. Which, for those who are not C-savvy, is about 88 - 90F. Miserable. It rained all day yesterday, so I don't understand how it can only be 49% humidity, but it is pretty miserable. I'm hoping it actually gets down to 21 tonight, it's just WAY too hot right now. TAlk soon!


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Funny from Today's Lecture

Whenever you are in an international setting it is important to keep an open mind about how different people use language. I, for instance, told a barkeeper in spain that I need to piss when I meant to order olives. Granted, the two words are relatively similar, but it was still embarassing since she had to explain it to me in English. So, it does happen, and usually I try to be uber tolerant. However, there are times when the laughter just escapes and you've no control over it.

"Examples of established product groups for the EU label" was the title of the slide. These included:

  • Cleaning products

  • Appliance

  • Paper products

  • Home and garden

  • Clothing

  • Tourism

  • Lubricants

Yes, that's right. LUBRICANTS. The worst part was, that the lecturer said, "You know what lubricants are yes?" I lost it. OMG I totally lost it. It was that fun silent laughter, thankfully, but it was still bad. She went on to explain that,"it is like the slick material you put on things, and it makes them work better together ..."Again losing it"... like for a machine." At this point I'm no longer there, especially since the class had be particularly boring, mostly due to the lecturer.

In any event it was funny.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

And here you thought I'd died

NO; no, no, no, no. I've been in Dallas and Canadia for a bit, it just seems like I am not getting enough sleep, so when I think of things like, I dunno, blogging, they just slip through the cracks as consessions to the sleep.

In montreal. I've actually HATED montreal until yesterday. Well, hated is such a strong word. The people are very nice, and somewhat attractive when not compared with the swedes :) The city is nice, though clearly a blend of european efficiency and american frivolty. The clencher, for me at least, has been the highs in the mid 80's (29 - 30) with 90% humidity. AND NO A/C!!! wtf. The whole class has been really sweltering for days now. Yesterday, thankfully, it rained.

JAzz Festival. A group went to old town MOntreal yesterday, and I skipped it to do some job search stuff and read emails. I ended up at the jazz festival, in the pouring rain. It was interesting, there was not much jazz, even though it was to be their biggest night. I did get to see some pretty interesting bands playing to a croud of 100.

Meat Sammich. Jesus H Christ. Apparently, Montreal is famous for it's brisquet sandwich. And by brisuet I mean it is seemingly corned beef, and not briquet in the terms known by texans. In any event, the sammich was sourdough, with yellow mustard (French's I think) and a STACK of meat. and by Stack I mean insane three inches thick. It was tastig, and there was plent of 'overspill' to eat with your fingers afterwards. :) mmmm meat sammich!

Other than that I am in class from 9 - 5. It's been relatively slow goings so far, but I think that's because of all the background. Today, in contrast, we have a psycho professor who assigned 70 pages of reading, the majority his own text, and expects us to do group work for three hours in a socratic method atmosphere. Fun ... psych.

Hope you are all well, I'll try to post more regularly.


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