Friday, October 28, 2005

talking to the ex

So my ex IM'd me tonight. WE had the following conversation, this is the slightly abridged version. WARNING tHIS IS GRAPHIC AND BITTER:

B: what r u doing on
Whore-ific-ex: lol - I could ask you the same thing! I'm waiting for my laundry to dry . . . very exciting
Whore-ific-ex: how are ya Bri?!
b: good am still in dallas
Whore-ific-ex: really?
Whore-ific-ex: I didn't know you were back in the states
b: yup yup staying with R, mom's in town too
Whore-ific-ex: for how long?
b: maybe a couple months who knows
Whore-ific-ex: LOL - you had better call me at some point!
Whore-ific-ex: I haven't talked to you in over a year
b: that is no good
Whore-ific-ex: no kidding!
... otherwise not much new. My bf and I just broke up, which kinda sucks
Whore-ific-ex: so just working a lot
b: is derek talking to you yet?
Whore-ific-ex: lol - as soon as Alex and I split - because Alex broke up with me, Derek has been very nice

Now, here's what we really said, given the underlying tensions and our past. Comments in parenthesis():

B: what r u doing on (WTF, I thought I'd never have to speak with you again. Damn it)

Whore-ific-ex: lol - I could ask you the same thing! I'm waiting for my laundry to dry . . . very exciting (I'm looking for a hookup, and I always associate laundry with getting online to fuck around, but I am dellusional and don't realize I say 'I'm doing laundry' EVERY TIME I'm actually looking for 'some')

Whore-ific-ex: how are ya Bri?! (aka, enough about me, are you online looking for some too?)

b: good am still in dallas (bite me, I don't get online to mess around. so I'll take your question literally).

Whore-ific-ex: really? (Oh wow, I already knew this, but I was under the impression you'd left the country again)

Whore-ific-ex: I didn't know you were back in the states (que obvio)

b: yup yup staying with R, mom's in town too (well, duh, why'd I tell you I'm still here)

Whore-ific-ex: for how long? (so it was on purpose you didn't tell me?)

b: maybe a couple months who knows (yes, and why should it matter, let me be as noncommittal to your question as possible)

Whore-ific-ex: LOL - you had better call me at some point! (why haven't you called yet? I still mean something to you, right?)

Whore-ific-ex: I haven't talked to you in over a year (wow, it really HAS been a long time)

b: that is no good (I was hoping you wouldn't realize that I'd purposefully lost your digits. shit.).

Whore-ific-ex: no kidding! (wow, maybe you really did break up with me ... how long ago was that again?)

... otherwise not much new. My bf and I just broke up, which kinda sucks (hence why I'm online looking to 'take it slow' with someone).

Whore-ific-ex: so just working a lot (my hand is raw and I need to give it a break)

b: is derek talking to you yet? (is the ex after me still pissed at you too?)

Whore-ific-ex: lol - as soon as Alex and I split - because Alex broke up with me(I want to make it clear that it was like when you I and broke up, so any sympathy you can send my way is greatly appreciated, you know how hard I took OUR breakup), Derek has been very nice (he's being nice to me suddenly. I have no idea why, b/c I'm clueless)

Whatever. Why does said person keep talking to me?


Sunday, October 23, 2005

NC, again, "the pit of DESPAIR"

anyone who got the title reference get's a cookie. Seriously. It's not obscure, but I've found that people have a hard time guessing this particular movie when you don't use the OBVIOUS quotes. Go ahead, try.

I won't go into the misery that is Eastern North Carolina. I will say that I haven't realyl slept in 3 weeks and it's getting to me. Besides that fact that I age about 5 years just by being in proximity of this area, the food here really gets to me. Oh well, I leave tomorrow. I didn't really think to post on my blog until today :( Sorry all. I could have posted 5 - 6 times :(

Here are some links of interests:

The NC Archive from last year

this was probably pre-most of your viewing my page. Though I think Simon and Grace were already around :)

Hope all is well with everyone else!


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


While some of you may be decidely disappointed in the lack of flesh on my blog, I will at least post my new statistics/measurements.

GOAL: Over 2 months gain 5 - 10 lbs of muscles. August 10

Starting weight: 180

Starting body fat: 18.4% (be nice, I'm being honest here)

Waist: 33

Chest: 42

Midsection (abs/lower cap): 32

Arms (unflexed): 12.75

Thigh: 21.5

Calf: 14.5

GOAL ACHIEVED! Gained WELL OVER 10 lbs of leam muscle while replacing some visceral and body fats. The Weight to BF% ration demonstrates this, since a rise in weight would usually raise the Body Fat %. I'm not at all surprised where I lost it from though ... see the following.

Ending Weight: 185

Ending Body Fat: 16.2%

Waist: 33

Chest: 42 (seriously, couldn't I have gained some 5 - 10 lbs here?)

Midsection: 31.25

Arms: 13.25

Thigh: 24.5 for right 24.25 for left (serious, wicked gains)

Calf: 16

Not THAT surprised after seeing the measurements. YOu always do your bf% first though, then see where you had gains/losses. All the cardio I do is leg-based. I really need to start swimming again, but I'm not sure my shoulder can handle it. My trainer has basically said my arms NEED to be my next major gain. We did arms today and I got sick lol. At least we know it was a good work out up till then. I also hit my legs pretty hard because they can handle it, but I also thought I was hitting my chest pretty hard. Whatevah, let's get big arms :)


Monday, October 10, 2005

It's 2006, Right?

OMG, seriously. The saga of B at the DMV needs telling. The following is not pretty, I hold no quips about that. However, I am a bit embarassed by, oh, I dunno, 98% of the whole thing. I'm telling you it was idocy at it's best, and it was not necessarily the DMVs ...

First things first, preliminary phone calls and internet searching. My telephone call went something like this, "I'm applying for," interrupted, "You need a passport and a social security card." "My card is overseas." "Then you need something from our website." "I have official school transcripts with my SS on it." "That's fine." Click. Seriously. I called again to see if I was in the computer and could be renewed over the phone. She would not even try. So I went to the DMV early monday morning. The webiste said they opened at 8 am, they opened at 7.

So, already, my morning did not start well. That, and I had to get Isabo (my sister) up early so she could drive me since you need a car to do your driver's test.
We had breakfast and headed over. The line was NOT out the door like it normally is, so that was good. I go up to the counter armed with my passport and offical school transcript, sealed and certified. I get my number, 49, they are on 11. Sweet. I send Isabo off to do stuff so she does nto have to hang out. 2 hours later I get called. Isabo is there, the car is there, I have all my materials. I'm good to go.

Or so I thought. The lady at the desk was very polite when she took my passport. Then she frowned at the envelope that said Johns Hopkins Univeristy. "What is this?" "It's proof of my SS# as it states on the website." "I'm sorry but we only accept the social security card." "Mine is over seas and your website said I could bring this in, as did the lady I spoke with on the phone." The nice lady walks away only to return with the head state trooper. Great.

"I'm sorry sir we cannot accept anything but your social sercurity card to verify your SS#" We went around and around about the fact that I'd been told that I was okay and that my transcript passed muster at the front when I got my number. I was turning to leave when it really set in that I needed to complain about the website and the fact that I'd waited 2 hours. So I complained.

"The only way for me to help you is for you to be in the computer. I have to type in your social and I can look up your info. For me to do that I need your social security card."

"That is too bad, I've had a texas DL before can you just check to see if I'm still in there?" Officer,"How long ago though, if your other DL expired likely this is a REALLY long time ago and I can't help you." I give the patient trooper my digits. A few Clickety Clicks later and she smirks. "I see. Your license only just expired in Sept 2005. You can just renew." WTF, are you serious (internal monologue) "Yes, that will be nice."

The poor lady who was helping me looks at the trooper in shock,"So we can help him, today, now?" "Ha, yes, just do a renewal." I'm trying not to pee myself and Isabo is absolutely fuming. When I relinquished my MD DL Isabo noticed that the date was Sept 5 2006. Isabo says to me, "You know that license what still okay, you had another year." The lady looks at it, "It's okay B, we will take care of you." In that omg what a dumb ass he doesn't know a cow from a chicken voice. I just about died. Isabo turns to me at this point and says, "Um, I'm drugged 90% of the time and even I KNOW YEAR IT IS." God she was pissed. But at least I have a Tx Driver's License now.


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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Driver's License

So my MD license expired a while ago and I never really got back to renew it given that I moved to Texas and am not really planning on associating with MD again if I can help it. I need to get it done, and it is just crazy what these guys ask of you when you do this stuff.

1) Prove who you are.
2) No, really, DO IT, we dare you. And, oh, btw we have the last say in what proof really is.
3) You cannot prove your social security number through your income tax return(WTF) but you can do it with a certified University Transcript indicating applicant's full name and social security number.
4) I have to do written AND driving test again. It is unclear whether or not I need my own car to do this, since not everyone has a car, how exactly will that work out?

Luckily I DO have a car, but my sister will have to drive me there and wait, and wait, and wait, for me to do all the stupid tests on monday and get it done.

Of course, I made the mistake of telling my mom who comes in on Tues and has made a point to call me at least once a day to remind me a) not to drive and b) to see if I got my license even though there is no way I could have in the time between calls.

I'm starved and about to go out to eat and maybe a movie. I need a date. Anyone know of any keepers in Dallas? Toddy? Any recommendations ala Thor?

Hope all is well out there :)


Thursday, October 06, 2005

nan desu ka?

Wow, forever and a day later, I actually get around to posting. I still need to: Call C, get a driver's license, and generally catch up with my life. Interesting, when you little to do, how much longer things seem to take to complete. Mom comes in less than a week, which is kind of exciting, though she get's all intense. hopefully she will be able to get some down time and just relax.

Working out. I am trying to change trainers, I kinda like the one I have now, but it's expensive and we don't have a very good working rapport. He's just kinda a flake and I'm so blase about him showing up, I half expect him not to show every other appointment. At least I get free training sessions out of it. His boss and I are on speaking terms, which is kind of interesting, since he always comes over like I'm going to make a big fuss. ME, make a big fuss. Can you imagine? I'm just."sure, whatever dude, I'm going to go do my thing. Make sure Trainer calls me." I dunno, I just like to be focused when I'm at the gym, talking gym stuff, working on form etc. I'm not there to discuss whether or not my trainer is going to show or how we can fix the situation. Free sessions are good enough for me, at this point.

Dropping body fat. I'm actually not having very much success dropping body fat %. Even with strategic cardio 4 times a week and a relatively focused diet, I'm not dropping the body fat I'd hoped. We will see next week when I get measurements done. Trainer keeps suggesting that he is impressed with some of the weight I can move around, maybe it's just a matter of focus, on BOTH our parts... I'd taking getting an inch here or there (particuarly in the arms) to losing body fat. We'll see. I'll probably post stats next week.

And that's about it. I'm still in massage therapy for my shoulder, I broke growth plate when I was younger and injured it during rugby. I'm trying to strengthen it now. On the career tip, not much going on. Trying to wade through what I can do next, and may be consider going to do classes as the Cooper institute (Training, and sports therapy) or Massage therapy. I'm good at memorizing stuff so why not right?


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